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National Music Council

National All-Ukrainian Music Union - NUMU

The National All-Ukrainian Music Union is one of the oldest and largest professional creative associations of Ukrainian artists. The basis of the All-Ukrainian Music Union was the Music Society named after M.Leontovich , created in 1922 on the initiative of prominent Ukrainian musicians .

In November 1990 in Kiev, at the 5th Congress of the Music Society, a decision was made to reorganize and create on its basis a professional creative organization - the All-Ukrainian Music Union.

Taking into account the merits in asserting the traditions and development of the Ukrainian national culture, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by its resolution of October 8, 1998, granted the Union the status of "National".

The head of the National All-Ukrainian Music Union is Eugene Savchuk.

In the creative structure of the Union there are 15 genre-professional associations and 25 territorial centers in all regions of Ukraine, cities of Kyiv and Kryviy Rih.

Purpose, task and basic forms of activity

The goal of the Union is to preserve and develop Ukrainian musical art, to enhance its role in the spiritual life of society, to revive and popularize national musical traditions, the best achievements of domestic and world musical culture and to protect the common interests of its members.

The main tasks of the Union are:

-  creative activity, aimed at development of national musical culture, development and implementation of cultural and artistic activities;

-  ensuring the interests of its members, promoting the protection of their creative freedom, copyright, professional and social rights;

-  promotion of professional formation of creative youth, development of folk musical creativity, preservation and research of musical heritage;

-  support and promotion of musical education and education, musicology and musical criticism;

-  making suggestions to the authorities and management;

-  the implementation of international events, contacts, links with issues related to statutory activities.

In order to carry out the statutory tasks and objectives of the Union in accordance with the current legislation and established procedure:

-  organizes a variety of creative, informational, publishing activities;

-  creates audiovisual production;

-   conducts exhibitions, seminars, lectures, conferences, auctions, festivals, reviews, contests, fairs, author's evenings, premieres, etc .;

-  establishes mass media, educational institutions, scientific and methodological centers;

-  creative facilitate coordination of the relationships professionals and music lovers practitioner trained members of the Union of outstanding artists in the country and abroad;

-  grants members of the Union a creative mission;

-  establishes scholarships, prizes in the field of musical art at the expense of its own Fund;

-  implements joint programs with partners from other countries, aimed at launching the statutory tasks of the Union.

Location: Ukraine
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